Hidden Gems: Ep. 4 Cauldron Ice Cream

[vc_row][vc_column icons_position=”left”][vc_column_text]Can we talk about what the geniuses behind Cauldron Ice Creams 1 st location in Dallas are you ready to? Just open since January.

It wasn’t enough to serve up the divinity that is nitrogen ice cream, so they went ahead and upped their game by gracing us with their take on the waffle cone-what they have dubbed the puffle cone. A puffle cone: a Hong Kong-style egg waffle that after being twisted into a cone is filled with nitrogen ice
cream. The puffle cone can be eaten by breaking bubbles of the tender, pillow-like waffle off as you go, dipping them into the ice cream if you so choose.
Cauldron makes its ice cream using liquid nitrogen, so you get all that cool smoke-effect magic and you know your ice cream is really fresh.

Take a listen as I interview one of the owners on Dallas’s first
Cauldron Ice Cream.


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