Spanish Love Songs Releases New Song “(No) Reason To Believe”

ive-piece punk band Spanish Love Songs have released a new song “(No) Reason To Believe” to complete their two-song EP, out now via Pure Noise Records. The 7″ is available for streaming via Spotify and Apple Music now.
On the new track, lead vocalist and guitarist, Dylan Slocum shares
‘(No) Reason to Believe’ is about watching people in my life struggle – emotionally, financially, etc. – without ever finding a way to talk about it, let alone a solution. It’s very much a companion song to ‘Losers’ and draws the same conclusion that things likely aren’t going to get easier for us, and that that’s kind of a bummer.”
Spanish Love Songs is a five-piece punk band based in Los Angeles, CA. They formed in 2014 after the demise of a previous band and a chance Craigslist post about lonely people looking to go to punk shows. Their sound combines the energy of drunken bar shows with the immediacy of intimate, lived-in lyrics. 
Over the past five years, the band has released two albums full of songs told over fast drums and rousing power cords covering themes including apathy, anxiety, a slowly disintegrating marriage, and finding a positive way to handle the loss of those closest to you, while inching towards self-acceptance in a world that doesn’t always feel like home. Since the release of their record last March, the band has hit the road nonstop, with no signs of slowing down anytime soon. 


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